DY Solutions Company awarded during the 19th International Expo

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On 14 August 2016 saa 06:57
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As the 19th international expo closed, DY Solutions Company which maintained security through surveillance cameras has been awarded among three institutions with best technology related exhibitions.

DY Solutions Company gave part of the award as gifts worth over Rwf 5 million to its clients.

Dynamic Solutions Ltd sells surveillance cameras, time attendance machine and offers an application to be installed in phones helping to know what is taking place at home or at the office when you are away through technology.

Serge Rusagara, the director of Dynamic Solutions Ltd has told IGIHE that they are happy with the award and services they have offered.

“We are delighted with the award and satisfied with services offered to our clients coming to the 19th expo in Kigali. They experienced full security, stolen items were recovered and we have demonstrated our company’s innovations which amazed customers,” he said.

Serge explained that at the end of the expo they offered gifts worth over Rwf 5 million to individuals or institutions.

“We have registered all clients who visited us so they can join the competition. We called them to participate in the random game we organized.Three clients had chance of receiving awards worth more than Rwf 5 million,” he said.

Dynamic Solutions Ltd has been selling and installing surveillance cameras for seven years.

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Serge Rusagara, the director of Dynamic Solutions Ltd