Eco Protection environment-friendly technology supports water recycling across Rwanda

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 21 November 2016 saa 05:35
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The Government of Rwanda has taken measures against environment degradation to ensure a balance between economic development and environmental protection.

The measures include the ban of manufacturing and use of polythene bags.The Government has introduced a clear legal and institutional structure for environmental protection. To ensure environment related measures are effectively implemented, it has established Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA), a body responsible for the management of the environment in Rwanda and coordinates, monitors and supervises all activities in this field.

Advanced protection of the environment requires friendly equilibrium of various factors in the ecosystem to protect it whereas the role of third parties is expected to bring an added value as Rwanda calls for private investors’ participation in development programs.

Eco Protection, a company dealing with the recycling of sewage has introduced friendly methods for recycling waste water and excrement conveyed in sewers so that users spend less on water while allowing the flow of safely treated water free of toxic chemicals that would damage the environment’s ecosystem.

The water treatment system introduced by Eco Protection which operates in Kimihurura at IFAK in Kigali city purifies water from cuisine, pipes and other conductors of waste to be reused or let them flow away after recycling lest any harm is exposed to the environment.

The company which has existed for nine years since the inception in 2007 it has expanded activities countrywide.

It has so far installed 117 facilities in hotels, schools hospitals and government offices.

In an exclusive interview with IGIHE, the Sales Representative of Eco protection, Tunga Benitha Martine has explained that the facility is friendly to the environment and matches with government’s policy to protect environment.

“Since the beginning of Eco Protection, we have installed water treatment facility in 117 buildings while other installations are underway. The facility was introduced in 2007. The water treatment system treats sewage and recycled waste into safe water as toxic substances are removed before release,” she said.

“The recycled water can be reused for instance in the garden or other needs without necessity to spend much money for double payments for domestic water,” she added.
Tunga Benitha explained that Eco Protection has extended the services to industries and real estate where it is be installing water treatment facilities in new constructions built under its supervision at Vision 2020 Estates in Gaculiro, City of Kigali.

Benitha said that the water treatment facility will have a great impact on environment and benefit users provided that Rwanda Utility Regulatory Authority has made it compulsory for every new complex building to use the facility.

“The company has specialized technicians installing the water treatment machines of which order is placed abroad and used in Rwanda after certification by Rwanda Utility Regulatory Authority (RURA). We are currently certified by RURA to operate within the country. Treated water is tested to make sure it has required water recycling standards to be reused,” she said.

Apart from installing the water treatment facility, Benitha explained that they will also support government efforts to mobilize citizens in using safe water.

So far, the water treatment facilities have been installed in hotels, schools, estates, Government buildings and hospitals among other buildings from across the country.

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Technicians of Eco Protection
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Eco Protection uses friendly methods for recycling waste water and excrement conveyed in sewers