Ethnic clash in DRC kills 16 civilians

Published by Anadolou Agency
On 7 January 2017 saa 06:15
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Since 2013 hundreds of clashes reported between ethnic Pygmy and Bantu groups in DRC’s southeastern region.

A total of 16 civilians were killed and over 40 others injured in clashes between indigenous Pygmies and ethnic Bantu majority in southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, officials told Anadolu Agency Friday.

Richard Ngoy Kitangala, governor of the Tanganyika province, said several houses were also burnt during the clash that took place on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Moise Kiluba — head of a local civil society organization — said 16 Bantus were killed, 42 others injured and some 69 houses burnt.

Local civil society organizations say the conflict is driven by inequalities between the two groups. Pygmies say they have been marginalized and discriminated for decades by the Bantu population.

Since 2013 hundreds of clashes have taken place between the two ethnic groups, which have forced thousands of people to flee.

In 2015 at least 30 Pygmies were killed in an attack by members of the ethnic Bantu majority in the northern part of Katanga region, southern DRC.