Everyone must stay the course, Kagame tells Kirehe supporters

Published by IGIHE
On 24 July 2017 saa 08:50
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The Chairman of RPF Inkotanyi and flag bearer, President Paul Kagame, on Sunday told residents of Kirehe district that everyone must play a role in staying on the course of development.

The President was addressing over 100,000 RPF-Inkontanyi supporters during his campaign trail in the Eastern Province, during his first stop of the day in Kirehe District.

“The country’s security, development and women empowerment for which Rwanda has won global accolades, should not be taken lightly, but rather everyone must play a role in staying the course.

“All we strive for is to ensure inclusive development…to ensure you embark on activities that can help you and your families prosper,” Kagame said.

He added that the way they turned up in large numbers for the rally should characterize their participation in other development activities which he pledged his leadership, if elected, will continue to champion.

The Chairman thanked the people of Kirehe for their hospitality, specifically thanking them for being hospitable to the thousands of people who a few years ago were expelled from neighboring Tanzania.