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Faith-Based Organizations contribute tremendously on crime prevention - RNP
Published on 2-08-2016 - at 01:28' by Police

As part of Community Policing programme, Rwanda National Police (RNP) says Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) play a major role in crime prevention mainly through keeping communities righteous.

The Police in its effort to engage and involve the communities in various policing initiatives has been conducting awareness campaigns where such reaches out programs were extend to FBOs particularly the youth and encourages them to contribute to safe and for their communities.

The aim of these campaigns is to provide FBOs with the community policing tools they need to reduce crime and the fear of crime and improve the quality of life in their neighborhood.

It is in the same line that on July 29, RNP met with 438 Adventists youth from four districts of Nyanza, Kamonyi, Muhanga and Ruhango and tutored them on dangers of drug abuse and its effects like unwanted pregnancies, assault, robbery and several others.

In his address to the youth, Inspector of Police (IP) Jean Baptiste Bizimana, the Nyanza District Community Liaison Officers pointed out that “drug abuse among youth increases the risk of unplanned pregnancies and various other crimes . This is why specific interventions are necessary to stop the vice”

He further added that drugs are not only a threat to the consumers but also to the security of others.

“Drug abuse has an effect on someone’s state of mind. Anyone who consumes such substances can’t succeed in life. You should ensure you protect your future,” the DCLO said

IP Bizimana blamed some crimes such as; rape and defilement, theft and assault to consumption of narcotic drugs especially kanyanga and cannabis.

“Any person who consumes drugs are likely to subconsciously commit crimes and can be dangerous. You should be part of the community policing programme and encourage your peers to have the fear of committing such crimes like drug abuse,” he said.

He reminded them that community policing is a proactive approach to law enforcement that goes beyond the traditional policing model of reacting to crime by arresting criminals.

He went on to say that community policing recognizes that crime does not occur in a vacuum and that the best way to control crime is to address the community issues that lie at the root of most criminal activity.

“Religious organizations are playing a major role in ensuring that Rwanda achieve its community policing ambitions. You should therefore be part of the efforts to achieve this ambition that is geared towards making our society safer ,” the DCLO told Adventists youth.



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