Famtrip participants laud Brussels Airlines services

On 30 October 2017 at 11:00

Six participants to a Famtrip to New York City (NYC) in the United States have lauded the flight comfort and other services of the Belgian carrier, Brussels Airlines.

The three-day New York tour held early this month was intended to provide travel agencies’ managers with experience of the products they are selling on behalf of the Brussels Airlines, according to Pascaline Kamanzi, the carrier’s Sales Supervisor in Kigali who participated in the tour too.

Nadia Keza, Managing Director for International Travel Agency (ITA) based in MIC Building, Kigali, said she has acquired a better understanding of the carrier’s products she sells and expects increase in sales as a result.

“We were selected among the best sellers of Brussels Airlines’ tickets to do a familiarisation trip to New York to test their products so that we sell what we know. It becomes easier to sell the products that we know well from experience. We will be able to increase our sales that include air tickets, visas, hotel reservations and travel insurance,” she said.

Marie Claire Sangwa, Managing Director for Sango Travel Agency also based in Kigali, said she benefited better understanding of the products she sells and learned from Brussels Airlines service that she wants to adopt in her service delivery.

“We tasted their flights’ comfort, lounges and services. The trip was wonderful, we had a memorable tour of the NYC, went to Manhattan... the tour was fantastic, we really enjoyed. Seats are good, single seats and for couples, all seats have comfort. In-flight service is good... music, games, movies and food are all good.”

The group of seven left Kigali on October 1 and landed back on October 5 from a tour that Brussels Airlines took care of everything.

Kamanzi said, “By attending Famtrip, travel agency can get the real picture of the services they are selling or of the place where they will send their customers. We wanted them to experience our new products such as good business class seats called "King Seat" where a passenger takes a seat alone, our economy privilege, our new access lounge in Brussels, etc.”

She added, “Fam travel is essential to the growth of a travel agency and we especially thank them for their sales and encourage them to sell more, setting up a network of first-rate suppliers for their customers. We understand this and that is why we are working so hard to put in place some of the most unforgettable Famtrips possible with a focus on small groups and educational opportunities.”

Brussels Airlines usually organises such trips and the previous one took different staff members of travel agencies operating in Kigali to Tel Aviv, Israel in July 2015.

From left, Nadia (ITA), Kabundi (UTS), Pascaline (SN), Claire (Sango Travel), Liliane (New Planet) and Bernadette (Top Travel) during the Famtrip in New York City, US.
From left, Bernadette (Top Travel) Nadia (ITA), Kabundi (UTS), Pascaline (SN), Claire (Sango Travel) and Liliane (New Planet) during the Famtrip in New York City, US.
Pascaline from Brussels Airlines (left) and Kabundi from UTS travel agency on flight during Famtrip