Fear as Nyagatare gangs scare district security personnel

Published by IGIHE
On 24 August 2016 saa 01:34
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The District Administration Security Service Organ (DASSO) in Nyagatare has been accused of failure to carry out their duties leaving some residents in need of their services at sea. Joy Mukakarangwa, 61, claims to have sought support from DASSO to recover her stolen chicken but was never given any assistance despite showing the security personnel where the offenders took abode. Mukarurangwa, resident of Ndego cell, Karama sector of Nyagatare district in the night of last Saturday peeped through window and saw thieves that stole her chicken, sought help the next day having been told that her chicken were sighted in possession by youth in Nyakiga cell.

The DASSO personnel chickened out from storming the den of gangs terrorizing the area, saying the drug abusers are dangerous to approach.

Muhizi Félicien, the executive secretary of Nyakiga cell has told IGIHE that he was informed of the matter.

He explained that gangs of thugs exist in the area citing an incident where he was mugged and wounded by a machete wielding youth.

The old woman whose chicken were stolen has told IGIHE her birds were later sold by the gang. Local leaders promised to catch thieves as soon as they are seen.

“How come security personnel fear such gangs. I am afraid that I will be killed in my house. Local leaders told warned me for revealing my plight to the media,” she said.
IGIHE has tried to reach the executive secretary of Karama sector, Karengera Katabogama Alex but he didn’t answer our call.