Kanyanga dealers arrested in Kirehe

Published by Police
On 15 October 2016 saa 05:25
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Two men suspected of trafficking Kanyanga – a banned gin in Rwanda – have been arrested in Kirehe District.

Jean Baptiste Nsabimana, 31, and Shadrack Kamuntu, 24, were apprehended on October 12 in Cyunuzi Cell of Gatore Sector.

Police spokesperson for the Eastern Province, Inspector of Police (IP) Emmanuel Kayigi said that the duo was arrested in a police operation that was informed by residents of Cyunuzi.

“Gatore is one of the routes drug traffickers use, but due to increased awareness, the residents have also understood their community policing role by reporting everyone they see or suspect of being a drug dealer,” IP Kayigi said.

“If we are to effectively deal with issues related to gender based violence, child abuse, assault, theft and others, we have to get to the root cause; most of these crimes are linked to people who are under the influence of drugs,” he added.

Kanyanga is classified among the psychotropic substances under article 24 of the law governing narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors in Rwanda.

It states that "any drink that exceeds forty five percent of alcohol and any other drink which doesn’t have the required quality for consumption shall be considered as narcotic drug.”

Growing, making, selling, transforming, transporting, storing and consumption of narcotic drugs and illicit substance are prohibited and punishable by law in Rwanda.

Article 594 of the Rwandan penal code, stipulates that, any person who, unlawfully, makes, transforms, imports, or sells narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances within the country, shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of three to five years and a fine of Rwf500,000 to Rwf5 million.