Fighting drug abuse: Seized illicit substances destroyed in Karongi

Published by Police
On 20 August 2016 saa 02:02
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Police in Karongi District have seized about 660 litres of illicit brew in an ongoing operation and campaign against drug abuse.

Three people were also arrested in connection with the criminal business in a police operation conducted on August 17 in Kibirizi Cell of Rubengera Sector.

Police in Karongi identified the suspects as Joseph Uwimana, Vestine Uwamahoro and Emmanuel Rwirangira.

The successful operation was followed by a community meeting where the psychotropic substances were destroyed.

“There is a general sense and understanding among the public on their community policing roles in fighting crimes and drug abuse in particular, and this is among those many other successful operations attributed to this nature of proactive policing,” Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) André Hakizimana, Police Spokesperson for the Southern Region, said.

“These are harmful substances, seizing and destroying them is in the general interests of ensuring a healthy living, preventing other crimes these drugs bring along especially after consumption.”

The regional spokesperson pointed out that most cases of assault recorded are related to consumption of such illicit substances.

The common illicit brews in Karongi are Nyirantare, Kambuca and muriture, all locally produced with the use of sugarcane waste, burned brick, sugar, water.

According to CIP Hakizimana, illicit substances have links with other crimes and effects on people’s wellbeing and development.

“Every citizen should understand the consequences related to drug abuse and be more determined to fight them… Rwandans shouldn’t connive or shield those who break the law...always endeavour to work with Police and local authorities to identify those who distill and deal in illicit substances.”

He cited a ministerial order nº20/35 of 09/6/2015 determining unauthorized drinks and other controlled substances classified as narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors saying that the outlawed substances affects one’s thinking and productivity thus affecting the nation.

Article 594 of the penal code stipulates in part that, any person who, unlawfully, makes, transforms, imports, or sells narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances within the country, shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of up to five year years and a fine of up to Rwf5 million.