First Lady advises on child development

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On 19 January 2017 saa 04:50
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The First Lady Jeannette Kagame yesterday laid the foundation stone at the ground where Early Childhood Development Center (ECD) will be built in Karambi cell, Kivumu sector of Rutsiro district, Western Province under the auspices of Imbuto Foundation. She used the occasion to request parents to maximize benefits from the presented opportunity.

The first lady emphasized the importance of ECD as a foundation for building children’s faculties and strengths, both physically and mentally right from pregnancy up to six years including enhancing their intellectual growth and social interaction.

Madam Kagame reminded parents that proper growing of children begins with best family planning practices including both parents’ decision on the number and spacing of their off-springs.

She highlighted that the most essential period of growth that calls for keen attention is from conception to six years as it is a period during which a child’s knowledge grows fast.

“During that period, much attention should be given to the child needs to ensure proper growth of all the child’s faculties,” she said.

She explained that when a child receives good care, it provides a good foundation in the way they assimilate knowledge, hope and good behavior along with respecting others, commitment to duties and work.

At ECD, children are helped to identify and nurture talents, practice hygiene, socialization, caring, and environment, playing and social interaction through organized games. They are also prepared for joining primary school, public speaking and writing among others.

“Laying the foundation stone is meant to appreciate your efforts in development activities among residents or where you work. Don’t misuse the opportunity,” said Madam Jeannette Kagame.

Imbuto Foundation targets to have at least one excellent Early Childhood Development center in each district from the current 10 districts accommodating 6067 children and 6034 parents tipped on preparing balanced diet, maintaining hygiene at home, savings and joining cooperatives to enhance income generating activities.

Della Tamari from Tamari Foundation that funded the activity of constructing the ECD in Rutsiro lauded Imbuto Foundation for activities meant to promote education of Rwanda’s children and striving for a better family in general.

“Education is the foundation of sustainable development and children are the foundation of tomorrow. I hope what they will be taught will bear fruits,” she said.
Tamari Foundation started operating in Rwanda in 1996.

The governor of Western province,Munyatwari Alphonse, said that so far 676 nursery schools and 30 ECD centers have been built in the province .