Five arrested in Bugesera over genocide ideology

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On 11 April 2017 saa 03:25
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Five people from Mayange and Rilima sectors of Bugesera district whose identifications police has not divulged, have been detained at police stations in the said sectors over genocide ideology.

It is said that on 7th April 2017, a man residing in Kibirizi cell of Mayange sector told his colleague with whom they shared a drink in a bar in Rilima sector ‘how can I work for Tutsi?’ as confirmed by the executive secretary of Mayange sector,Nkurunziza François.

“The words were spoken in a bar. One told his colleague ‘how can I work for Tutsi’adding ‘I can’t even work with them’, he said.

The culprit has been detained at Mayange police station.

It is also said that another old man in Rilima sector has been held for having told a genocide survivor that Tutsi are fierce people.

He was arrested with a cell leader in one of cells of Rilima trying to reconcile them after receiving a bribe of Rwf 5000.

They are all detained at Rilima police station where other culprits are held for threatening a genocide survivor that they will execute Tutsis again.

The police spokesperson in Eastern Province, IP Emmanuel Kayigi has said that he is still following up information to give details later.

The identity of the culprits could not be established as the DPC Bugesera did not pick repeated IGIHE calls.

A convict of genocide ideology is liable to a punishment ranging from five to nine years of sentence and pay a fine from Rwf 100,000 to 1,000,000 as per article 135 of Rwanda Penal Code.