Five genocide memorials to be upgraded

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On 17 March 2017 saa 01:45
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The National Commission for the Fight Against Genocide (CNLG) has unveiled a plan to upgrade five genocide memorials to the level of Kigali Genocide Memorial at Gisozi.

The executive secretary of CNLG, Dr Bizimana Jean Damascène has made the comments following parliament observations on 14th March 2017 that some employees at the Memorial have poor command of foreign languages.

The latter was the only memorial in Rwanda having well trained employees in welcoming and guiding visitors, explaining history of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi. Their competencies, however, were recently questioned by parliament.

Commenting on the issue, Dr Bizimana said : “It is difficult to be fluent in all languages but employees at Gisozi memorial try their best. What I assure you is that we will offer more relevant trainings extended to more genocide memorials beyond Gisozi.”

“There are more five genocide memorials on national level though Gisozi is the most visited. These include Murambi, Bisesero, Nyarubuye, Nyamata and Ntarama. They also have permanent employees but we want to equip them with better competencies to the level of Kigali Memorial,” he added.

Dr Bizimana has explained that Gisozi memorial has to be upgraded to international level.

“Training is a regular and continuing process. This is where we are going to put much emphasis in collaboration with AEGIS Trust and other international partner organizations,” he said.

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The executive secretary of CNLG, Dr Bizimana Jean Damascène