Five signs of a mature man

On 1 February 2018 at 12:00

Maturity is a great thing. It doesn’t necessarily come with age; it comes with experience and a willingness to grow. It’s not everyone who has maturity in them, but the good thing is it can be achieved. So what are the signs of maturity in a man?

He doesn’t try to please everyone

In a man’s younger years, pleasing everyone (especially his friends) is a priority. He wants to make them happy, and even when he doesn’t have everything it takes to do that, he borrows, because he doesn’t want to seem like the ‘bad guy’. But as a man grows older, understanding of the reality that you cannot please everyone kicks in. That is one of the signs you’re mature.

He won’t run from seemingly impossible situations

Only an immature man who isn’t ready to grow runs from difficult situations. He sees them, and thinks, “oh this is bigger than I can handle”, so he shies away from it, but the truth is you can’t run from certain things. Some of those ‘Impossible situations’ will always wait for you no matter how far you try to run. A mature man understands this, and embraces it. He knows that at the end of everything he’s turning out better.

He doesn’t make decisions in a haste or anger

There’s a reason they say never make a decision when you’re angry or excited. It is because judgment is usually clouded in moments like that. A mature man knows this, and he saves those big decisions and judgments for when he’s in a calm state of mind.

He embraces his responsibilities

Every human being has responsibilities, and as they grow older, these things get even bigger. The difference between an immature man and a mature man is the ability to see and accept responsibility, but the truth is not every older man accepts responsibility because like I said, maturity doesn’t necessarily come with age, it comes with experience, and a willingness to grow. A mature man doesn’t shy away from responsibility, he embraces them.

He doesn’t live for the moment

“You only live once.” “Live like today is your last.” Those are very common phrases used by young people today in a bid to suggest that life isn’t necessarily about tomorrow, but about today.

But is that so? Is there no hope for tomorrow? Do you not want to get married, have kids, or maybe live a fulfilling life in future? If so, how then can you live like today is your last? Why waste your resources, and live without a plan for the future? A mature man has plans for tomorrow, and he does everything to see his future come to be.