Five signs you’re mentally strong

On 6 December 2017 at 03:21

Mental strength is an important trait a lot of us lack. However it’s very instrumental to our survival in life. Some of us know we’re capable of doing anything, while some do not know what they carry within them.

If you have no idea, here are some pointers to the fact that you’re mentally strong.

You are willing to get it all by yourself

This is something that only those who know they’re capable of anything can do. People who are mentally strong do not believe in taking the easy way out (which is usually wrong) or depending on others for survival. They believe they too can become as great as the next person, so they’re willing to keep going.

They don’t dwell or brood, they move on

Life is full of obstacles and setbacks. A mentally strong person knows this, and they’re always quick to put today’s or yesterday’s failures behind them, and move on to the next.

They’re always in total control of their lives

No matter how much love they fall in, a mentally strong person would never completely rely on their partner for survival or continued existence. They’ll remain in control because they know they’re the best person to believe in, and nothing is guaranteed in life.

They’re are ready for change

Change is a constant. There’s hardly a situation that stays the same forever. Good could become bad and vice-versa. A mentally strong person knows this reality, and is expectant of change at any given point. They prepare themselves for it so they’re never taken unawares.

They know the importance of being alone

No one enjoys being by themselves all the time, but there are occasions and moments that demand it. Sometimes, you want to be by yourself because you want to think, reflect or make certain decisions. While a lot of people fear these kind of times, a mentally strong person relishes them.