Five signs you’re stressed and need help

On 9 October 2017 at 10:21

Stress is a regular part of human life. As a matter of fact, a bit of it is regarded as ‘healthy’ by health experts. However, when it becomes prolonged and recurring, it becomes expedient to seek help. I’ve listed a few signs of acute stress I think you should watch out for to know when to get that help.

Fractured teeth

Tooth fractures can be as a result of grinding both subconsciously and unconsciously. Unconsciously when you know you don’t do it, yet there are visible cracks and fractures in your teeth, and subconsciously when you do it even though you don’t intend to. Either way, it’s unhealthy, and is caused by stress. It can also cause cavities and other dental issues, so you should take it seriously.

You’re gaining weight

High level stress always attracts weight gain. This is because it increases your craving for foods that are high in calories, which adds to your weigh

Aching joints

Apart from regular pain in the joint as a result of tedious work or exercise, you can also feel pain in the joints just from being stressed out. This is because stress promotes low grade inflammation

Recurring feeling of fatigue

Stress promotes fatigue. You feel exhausted always even when you don’t do tedious work. Sleeplessness is also another symptom

Heavy headaches

Is there always that splitting headache that hits after you talk for a while or you get involved in some work? It could be a sign you’re seriously stressed out.

Increased blood pressure

To help you survive a precarious situation, stress fires up your sympathetic nervous system, which in turn cranks up your blood pressure so that your limbs and muscles are ready for action. None of that is an issue in the short term. But over time, chronically elevated Blood Pressure can overwork your heart, leading to damaged arteries and blockages. Be careful to put stress in check to forestall a rise in BP

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