Five things the heaven-sent man would do for you

On 11 December 2017 at 04:57

Heaven is best described as a place of perfection and inasmuch as we are humans and tend to be imperfect, we always hope for the perfect things. We hope for the perfect job, the perfect man/woman, the perfect marriage, the perfect children, the perfect house and even the clothes that fit us perfectly.

I’m yet to see the person who hopes for something terrible; we all long for perfection, and whether or not we get what we want perfectly is another discussion for another day.

The point I’m trying to make is, as we seek that perfect partner in our lives, we also ought to build ourselves to perfection as much as possible, irrespective of whether we get there or not.

And these are some of the things the almost perfect but still imperfect man does for his woman:

He believes in her

The heaven-sent man believes in the woman in his life. He believes she’d make a good wife, he believes she’s right for him, he believes she’s the best, he believes in her dreams and not try to squash it and he trusts her and her sense of judgment.

He values her

The heaven-sent man values his woman and treats her like a queen. He values his relationship with her and makes her know that she’s the only one in his life.

He protects her

While other men hurt their women physically and emotionally, a heaven-sent man protects her. He protects her image, her body, her emotions and everything that concerns her. He’s interested in her, so he protects her.

He loves her

He loves her sincerely and wouldn’t do anything on purpose to hurt her. He’s genuine in how he feels about his lady and he shows it to her as well.

He prays for her

A heaven-sent man wants the best for his woman; he wishes her well and thus prays for her. He’s interested in her wellbeing and wants what’s best for her.

The heaven-sent man is the kind of man every woman should yearn for.