Forestry Ministry, Police in joint tree planting campaign

On 8 November 2017 at 07:13

The Ministry of Land and Forests and Rwanda National Police have signed a Memorandum of Understanding through which both parties shall plant trees, protect and conserve forests across the country.

Under the partnership, Police will contribute in sustaining existing forests and plant agro-forests on the surface of 22,000 hectares and new forests on 5000 hectares in different parts of the country.

Speaking at the event, the Minister of Justice, Johnston Busingye said that the partnership was necessary as a way to improve forestry cover in the country.

“This is a good move to planting and sustaining existing forests. When you are travelling from different parts of the country, you realize that something is missing on our mountains; our country has many eye attraction features but it lacks enough tree cover,” he said.

The Minister of Land and Forestry, FrancineTumushime said the partnership came in time of need as the country and the World in general is implementing resilient efforts towards climate change.

“This is a partnership needed in all country’s institutions. Protecting soil from erosion and planting trees are among measures to mitigaet climate change effects,” she said.
The Government targets to have 30% of the surface of the country planted with trees by 2020.

Minister of Justice, Johnston Busingye
Minister of Land and Forestry, FrancineTumushime