Former ADEPR leaders handover offices

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On 3 June 2017 saa 12:00
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Former ADEPR leaders who were recently arrested over misallocation of over Rwf 2 billion were yesterday taken out of prison to handover office to their successors elected at the beginning of this week.

The handover ceremony was held yesterday at ADEPR headquarters in Kimihurura sector of Gasabo district, Kigali city at 11:00 am.

The former ADEPR leaders’ case is before the courts of law where they are accused of misallocating Rwf 2.5 billion.

The accused include, the deputy ADEPR spokesperson, Bishop Tom Rwagasana, ADEPR general secretary Rev. Sebagabo Bernard, Eng. SindayigayaTheophile, head of finance department Gasana Valens and head of administration and finance, Mutuyemariya Christine who have been remanded for 30 days.

Save for Bishop Tom Rwagasana who was absent on account of sickness, others attended the ceremony clad in prisons uniform.

They were all accompanied by six prison warders.

The former ADEPR spokesperson Bishop Jean Sibomana who was arrested later was also taken to the headquarters for hand over. He is currently under police custody and has not yet been transferred for the prosecution.

The suspects were returned to cells at 15:30 pm.

Members of ADEPR general assembly convened an extra ordinary meeting on Tuesday where they elected Rev. Karuranga Ephraim as ADEPR spokesperson following the arrest of the former holder of the office Bishop Sibomana over misappropriation of the church’s resources.

Rev. Karangwa John was elected deputy spokesperson, while pastor Ruzibiza Viateur became the general secretary in charge of youth evangelization.

Christian Umuhoza Aulerie was elected finance and administration officer while pastor Nsengiyumva Patrick was elected advisor. The latter was leader of ADEPR youth at national level.

The new leaders will serve a six-month term.

Rev. Karuranga Ephraim said they are going to work closely with Christians to get the church back to its normal evangelization mission.

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The ADEPR suspects were returned to cells at 15:30 pm.
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Prison warders accompanying suspects at ADEPR headquarters yesterday.