Former presidential candidate, Mpayimana downplays Mwenedata’s statements of malice

On 23 November 2017 at 10:37

A presidential candidate in the August 2017 elections, Philippe Mpayimana has criticized a former presidential aspirant, Gilbert Mwenedata who fled the country and has since launched scathing attacks on the entire Rwanda government.

In a statement issued yesterday, Mpayimana lashed out at Mwenedata, accusing him of using his status of self-imposed exile as a platform to launch his political missiles against the Rwanda government instead of using all the available means he can muster in consolidating what Rwanda has been able to achieve.

“If it is enough to want to enter politics because you are in exile or because you have the means to flee, there are several thousand Rwandans who would apply for each election. But if we have taken the time to build our political project that uses the same language both inside and outside the country, we are not many to start this exercise,” said Mpayimana in a statement.

Mpayimana was responding to the statements made by Mwenedata, who was speaking on a foreign radio criticizing political independence in Rwanda.

He specifies that on the 13th minute of the statement, Mwenedata does not encourage Rwandan citizens to contribute to the national political edifice.

Mpayimana said that a politically astute and courageous person is one who maintains the same stand of transparence whether in or outside the country.

“Mpayimana Philippe ran in the presidential elections in complete independence and freedom, far from giving the impression of a manipulated politician. I have thanked and I still praise the acceptance of my candidacy, as a great step towards democracy in our country,” reads the statement in part.