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Four arrested over forgery of driver’s license
Published on 20-09-2016 - at 01:35' by Police

Rwanda National Police has arrested four men in connection with forging and selling driver’s license.

The suspects identified as Jerôme Niyomugabo, Eugene Nzamurambaho, Samuel Ndayambaje and Olivier Uwimana were arrested in a police targeted operation conducted on September 15 in Nyarugenge District.

They are currently held at Nyarugenge police station pending further investigations.

According to the Central Region police spokesperson, Supt. Emmanuel Hitayezu, the police mounted the operation after getting information that there were some people, who were selling fake permits, which led to the arrest of the quartet.

“Investigations first led to Niyomugabo, the suspected mastermind; when police officers searched his house in Kiyovu Cell of Nyarugenge Sector, they recovered four fake driver’s permits and several items he was using to forge the license,” said SP Hitayezu.

Two of the seized fake licenses bared two different photos but under one name.

Three other suspects, arrested later, are believed to have been hired by Niyomugabo to sale the fake license.

“We are still investigating the case to ascertain if there are no other fake licenses out there or other people connected to this ring,” he added.

He further advised driver’s license seekers to go through the eased proper channels, noting that “tests are conducted frequently and decentralized to the district level.”

He thanked those who were brave to inform the police on this forgery act, and urged the public to always report any wrongdoer.

The suspects risk a jail sentence of three to five years and a fine of up to Rwf3million as stipulated in article 609 of the penal code.


[10:36, 9/21/2016] 250 786 018 649: The driving license seekers must be knowing that our police has been eased the way of getting it, not commit forgery crime, we thank our police to have been arrested these four guys hoping that other suspects in this case in connection with these ones will be soon identified. I am citizen in Gasabo district I have got my driving license for the last three weeks nothing was difficult to me while doing exams, police eased the way of getting permit, so I got it no problem ;how can a such people buy fake permit. they should be follow the channel. The suspects who sell and buy forged, fake driving license must face trial and get serious punishments as provided by the law
[10:37, 9/21/2016] 250 786 018 649: http://en.igihe.com/news/four-arrested-over-forgery-of-driver-s-license.html

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