Four Gatsibo sector executive secretaries resign

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 1 November 2016 saa 09:56
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Four sector executive secretaries from Gatsibo district have resigned following the recent audit of which results show misconduct and drunkenness.

The executive secretaries of Rwimbogo, Gitoki, Nyagihanga and Gasange sectors tendered in their resignation letters to Gatsibo district yesterday.

The mayor of Gatsibo district, Gasana Richard has told IGIHE that the four resigned after receiving warnings following the recent audit.

“Recently, we called all executive secretaries and warned them on inept performance where some were neglecting citizens’ problems, failing to solve them on time among other faults,” he said.

He explained that others have been accused of grabbing resources meant to support vulnerable residents.

“Some of them had cases related to misusing funds from VUP and Ubudehe among others. Some executive secretaries are accused of misbehavior including utter drunkenness. We informed everyone about her/his behavior where some accepted faults,” he said.

“A person can’t be barred from resigning when he/she requests it as granted by the law. The next is to look for successors through legal procedures,” said Gasana Richard.

More than 50 sector executive secretaries have resigned since Octoeber 2016.

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The mayor of Gatsibo district, Gasana Richard