Four people killed on weekend in Burundi

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On 26 April 2017 saa 11:20
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In the early morning of 24 April, sounds of gunshots were heard in Kigobe neighborhood of Ntahangwa Commune in the capital Bujumbura. "The police officer was pursuing a "tuk-tuk" driver who was trying to escape.

Instead of stopping, he rather tried to run away and the police officer shot in the air trying to stop him. The policeman has been arrested for investigation", says Pierre Nkurikiye, the police spokesperson.

Pierre Nkurikiye also says shootings were also heard in Kanyosha neighborhood in the south of the Burundian capital. "it was around midnight past twenty minutes when a police officer shot in the air trying to prevent robbers from stealing a house of the locality", he says.

In the evening of 22 April, Jean Claude Bashirahishize, a resident of Rukina zone in Mukike Commune of Bujumbura Province was shot dead by soldiers from the Ruhororo military position.

Séverin Ndayizeye, the local chief said the young man was shot when he was trying to escape from the soldiers when they were controlling identity cards of the passengers. Gaspard Baratuza, Spokesman for the Burundian army also confirms the information that the young man was shot dead as he was trying to escape.

On 23 April, a dead body of Asmane Nduwimana, a driver and resident of Buterere neighborhood was discovered in Kanyosha southern area of the capital Bujumbura. "His "probox" type vehicle was stolen by unknown people", says the police spokesman.

One woman on Musenyi hill of Cankuzo Eastern province and another one from Taba hill of Songa Commune in Bururi southern province were also killed by unknown people on 23 April. One person was arrested in each of the two localities for investigation.

Jean Baptiste Nsabimana, a human rights activist says 10 bodies have been identified. He also says cases of disappearances (14), torture (22) and arbitrary arrests (166) have been reported in different parts of the country from 1 to 23 April 2017.