French Hospital terminates job contract for genocide convict

On 7 February 2018 at 11:35

Paul Doumer Hospital in France has terminated the contract of genocide convict, Dr Charles Twagira who was convicted in abscencia on account of his role in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi by Rwandan courts.

On Monday, the National Commission for the Fight Against the Genocide (CNLG) issued a statement denouncing Twagira’s employment in a public hospital.

According to CNLG, taking him back to job was considered as genocide denial and neglecting laws penalizing genocide crimes.

Speaking to IGIHE yesterday, the Executive Secretary of CNLG, Dr. Jean Damascène Bizimana said that he was informed about Twagira’s suspension yesterday evening.

“We got to know that his contract was terminated and it is a good decision that we appreciated. We wish it would be replicated to other people for whom we issued arrest warrants but still in different jobs around different countries across the World,” he said.

He said that CNLG will conduct a follow-up to know much about the decision that was taken against Twagira.

On January 10, 2018, the Hospital Paul Doumer, a geriatric facility managed by Assistance publique hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) in Labruyère, had recruited Dr. Charles Twagira 60, who was convicted of genocide by the Rwandan courts in 2009.

During the genocide, Twagira was regional director of health in the former prefecture of Kibuye, now in Western Province.

Twagira is one of the genocide planners in Kibuye Prefecture who incited local population to commit the genocide and acts of torture against refugees at Gatwaro Stadium and patients hospitalized in Kibuye Hospital.

He was found responsible for the massacre of the wife and children of his colleague, Dr. Camille Karibwende, former head of the same institution.

He obstructed medical aid to thousands of Tutsi refugees at the Gatwaro Stadium bordering Kibuye Hospital. He sent killers to the Gatwaro stadium to massacre the Tutsi who had taken refuge there, to bury several refugees alive.

He established checkpoints in front of and inside the hospital to allow Interahamwe militiamen to prevent Tutsi from fleeing and murder them.

Dr. Twagira