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Frw 500 Million Awarded to SDF Grant Winners
Published on 26-11-2012 - at 04:02'

The Workforce Development Authority (WDA) on November 22, awarded 17 winners of the first round of the Skills Development Fund (SDF) grants through support by the World Bank.

While officiating at the awarding ceremony, the State Minister in charge of Primary and Secondary Education Dr Mathias Harebamungu noted that no country can attain sustainable growth without support to skills development, a reason why the government gives priority to TVET.

He commended this enormous support by the World Bank which will help the Rwandan government to meet key targets related to human resource development.

Out of the 24 Proposals recommended by the panel of experts, only 17 who satisfied the criteria established by the Secretariat and recommendations shared a total amount of Frw 564, 576,222
The 17 winners are; Mpanda VTC, KarengeraVTC, Ndendezi VTC, Mugusa VTC, ETAG VTC, Inyemeramihigo VTC, Rise to Shine , VISDAPOC, Jill Barham, Rwabuye VTC, Universal Beauty Academy, BELASI saloon school, CODUSI cooperative, APEESDE, ASSIST Rwanda, Kayonza VTC and ADENYA.



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