Fury as MPs trash EU resolutions

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 11 October 2016 saa 06:17
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Rwanda parliament has rejected as false resolutions released by European Union Parliament which criticized Rwanda’s judicial sector basing on the case of Ingabire Victoire and requested revision of her trial.

Ingabire Victoire, chairperson of United Democratic Forces-Inkingi, is detained in Nyarugenge Prison, 1930, serving time for treason and threatening national security.

The EU parliament report on Rwanda was released on 5th October, 2016 following the visit to Rwanda by the delegation of European Union parliamentarians from Women Rights Commission and Gender Equality held between 19th and 22nd September, 2016.

Before the European Union delegation came to Rwanda, Michael Ryan, the head of European Union Delegation to Rwanda had told the press that they would discuss with their Rwanda peers issues on gender equality and share experiences.

Yesterday the MPs discussed with senators about the recently released EU Parliament resolutions on Rwanda where they observed that the resolutions must have been drawn even before their visit to Rwanda.

The speaker of parliament, Donatille Mukabalisa said that the relationship between both parliaments has been good but some people are bent on destroying it.

“Some people want a clash in our relations; but the it is important for everyone to be reminded that Rwanda is a free sovereign nation with its rights and integrity as it is at their home. We should build and sustain such mutual respect,” she said.

The EU parliamentarians resolutions of the delegation who came to Rwanda focused on press freedom, Rwanda’s governance, the structure of laws, the trial of Ingabire Victoire and upcoming presidential elections in 2017.

Commenting on the resolutions, MP Gatabazi Jean Marie Vianney said; “Those who prepared the resolutions had other intentions different from purpose of their visit. Their itinerary indicated that they would come to witness the country’s development. So, we have to stand against that delegation and demand proper assessment.”

The deputy speaker, Abbas Mukama has said that some European countries are hiding behind their representatives in EU parliament.

“ If you read the resolutions and remember Alain Juppé speech on Kayumba Nyamwasa, concerns of ‘Falcon 50 ‘airplane, the way they are considering the probe of French judge and intend to reopen it ,you can see how they are connected. They already had resolutions and wanted to match them with the visit of EU parliamentarians,” he said.

“They must respect us. We are an independent country .We are no longer in slavery that they once imposed on us. They do not have powers to determine our needs and development of Rwandans. They cannot lead us where they want. As 2017 elections draw near, we have to be prepared. They cannot be allowed to create problems in Rwanda’s judiciary,” he added.

MP Bamporiki Edouard said that it was a misfortune receiving such guests.

MP Mukabagwiza said that ‘it is sad to see resolutions accusing Rwanda’s judiciary of inefficiency referring Ingabire Victoire. ‘

She explained that EU MPs resolutions are in contrast with the European Union Court for Human Rights which demonstrated confidence in Rwanda justice system and accepted to extradite Sylvere Ahorukomeye, a genocide suspect from Sweden to Rwanda.

“We took these MPs to Kigali Genocide Memorial Center expecting them to learn a lesson. These resolutions we are talking about should be regarding them who host and pamper killers in their countries,” said MP Ruku Rwabyoma.

“Did they attempt to visit a genocide survivor? It is unclear to prefer visiting one criminal who eats three timesa day, getting medical assistance among others and disregard genocide survivors. I am not however surprised. You can see members of that delegation and identify their nationality. Think of the country in which they operate. Let’s resist them, there is a motive behind,” he added.

Commenting on the report that Rwanda intimidates media, MP Mporanyi Theobald said; “Regarding the claim that Rwanda intimidates media and jails journalists, it prompted me to read and found that Rwanda has over 500 journalists. None of them was imprisoned this year. I realized that we have 40 online media, 30 radios and 10 televisions. What should be beyond such freedom?”

Rwanda’s parliament immediately voted for a resolution rejecting as false the resolutions of EU to Rwanda and demanded revision of the same saying the resolutions are not based on truth.

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Parliamentarians in discussions with senators yesterday