Gakenke: 13 arrested in operation to break trafficking of Kanyanga

Published by Police
On 12 October 2016 saa 01:52
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At least thirteen people suspected of belonging to a group that smuggles the banned illicit gin commonly known as Kanyanga, into the country, have been arrested in a police operation conducted on Monday in Kamubuga Sector.

The District Police Commander (DPC) Supt. Gaston Karagire said that the successful crackdown was informed by the residents in the area “whose safety and wellbeing had been threatened by the illegal activities.”

“In general, drug related crimes are not common in Gakenke, but the issue of trafficking of Kanyanga is common in Kamubuga, which borders with Burera District, and it’s conducted by a group that call themselves Abarembetsi,” Supt. Karagire said.

Burera is one of the districts in the Northern Province where illicit gin are still common, partly due to its strategic location.

“Following campaigns conducted particularly in Kamubuga, we received feedback from residents in the cells of Kidomo and Rukore reporting this particular group, and this facilitated their arrest in action, and seizure of the illicit gin they were trafficking at the time,” the DPC added.

“We had information of their deeds, routes and even names of ringleaders, who are among those arrested.”

Meanwhile, shortly after the operation, the suspects were paraded before the residents, who emphasized the need for more operations to break the ring.

“Your strong partnership with the police and timely information sharing will be the guiding factor in dealing with the wrong people and making Kamubuga safer,” the DPC told the residents.

He also reminded the residents on the issues related to domestic and gender based violence noting that such conflicts affect the development of the concerned families, a source of poverty and forces children to drop out of school, go on streets and engage in other criminal activities like abusing and dealing in drugs and theft.