Gakenke: DPC urges CPCs on stronger partnership in crime prevention

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On 15 March 2017 saa 08:06
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The District Police Commander of Gakenke, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Jean Bosco Minani has called upon members of community policing committees in the district to strengthen their effort in community policing activities and reinforce crime prevention efforts.

The DPC made the call during a meeting with about 90 members of CPCs of Mataba Sector. CPCs also double as grassroots leaders at the village and cell levels.

He observed that security is one of the key pillars in fostering national and individual development, which they should strive for.

CIP Minani said noted that the role of CPCs in safety and security can’t be over emphasized, but added that without involving and working with the residents creates a gap that criminals like thieves and drug dealers seized to destabilize the wellbeing of the people.

“When you are in your communities, as police, we feel we are well represented; you are the eyes and ears of safety and security. Whenever you suspect anything that could cause insecurity, you should provide information as fast as possible,” the DPC said.

He noted that detecting, fighting and preventing a crime depends on strong collaboration, cooperation and real time information sharing between the people, leaders and security organs.

The meeting was also attended by the executive secretary of Mataba, Isaie Mbonyinshuti.