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Gakenke hit hard by natural disasters
Published on 1-07-2016 - at 10:28' by Théophile Niyitegeka

The Northern Province has been hit by disasters where landslides have affected Gakenke residents leaving many houses and more than 1600 hectares of arable land destroyed in May,2016.

Such calamities have left Gakenke residents in despair and famine due poor harvest.
Talking to journalists yesterday, the governor of Northern Province Bosenibamwe Aimé comforted citizens saying that they will not starve.

“We will not starve since we have food reserves to feed us till the next harvesting season,” he said.

Bosenibamwe said that expected harvest will tremendously reduce and may affect other districts buying foods in Northern Province.

He urged Northern Province residents against misusing harvested food.

Even though Bosenibamwe comforted residents, they have expressed worries of crops failure since their lands were ravaged.

“We have been hit hard by disasters .My house was destroyed and my livestock were carried by landslides. My planted bananas and beans were plunged under soil.I expect no harvest,” said Ndayambaje Alexis, a Gakenke resident who talked to IGIHE.

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Gakenke landslides have ravaged houses leaving 1600 hectares of arable land destroyed in May,2016



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