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Gakenke: Police reunite 52 couples
Published on 14-07-2016 - at 01:38' by Police

Police and local leaders in Gakenke District held a meeting with 52 couples in Kivuruga Sector, who were experiencing domestic disputes as part of the initiative to reunite affected families and ensure harmony in households.

The meeting was held on July 12 between the identified affected couples, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO), Inspector of Police (IP) Alphonse Kayonga and the in charge of social affairs in Kivuruga, Alexandre Mutware.

The meeting involved testimonies from the couples detailing their grudges and causes and ultimately forgiving each other while promising to reform and live together in harmony.

Most of the disputes were based on property, adultery, drunkenness, male chauvinism and battery.

“Such domestic conflicts affect the security of your neighbourhoods and a lively bad example to your children,” IP Kayonga told the parents.

“Such conflicts undervalue your credibility as parents and divides your houses where children also divide themselves in support of opposite parents and of course affects the family’s development,” he added.

He thanked them for making the right choice to forgive each other to form a new chapter of togetherness in security and development and appealed to them to report other affected families in time so that their grievances can be addressed as well.

Mutware reminded men that their wives have rights too, which should be respected.

He urged them to refrain from excessive drinking and consuming illicit brew , which he said is the main cause of domestic violence.



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