Gasabo: Community Policing Committees CPCs urged to up measures against crime

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On 11 May 2017 saa 11:37
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Community Policing Committees (CPCs) in Gasabo District have been called upon to engage more in crime prevention activities.

Speaking during the community policing training of about 180 CPCs from Rutunga and Gikomero sectors, on May 9, Inspector of Police (IP) Theogene Mugabo, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) of Gasabo, said that “effective crime prevention requires strong partnership at all levels and with the people.”

IP Mugabo, while thanking participants for their impact in ensuring safety and security, reminded them that abuse of drugs continues to be one of the challenges that requires “immediate and collective attention.”

“If we are to prevent domestic conflicts, house break-ins, gender-based violence and child abuse, we have to deal with the root-cause. Majority of these crimes are committed by people under the influence of drugs,” the DCLO said.

“We need to identify and share information on drug dealers like those who distill and sell illicit brew and traffickers of banned illicit gin such as kanyanga and all others packed in plastic bags. We need also to identify those who sell and consume cannabis. This will help to break chains of supply and ultimately consumption,” he noted.

He also dwelt much on forms of domestic and gender based violence, and child abuse either physical or psychological,economical and enlightened them on the global threat of modern day slavery – human trafficking.

He further called for strengthened community night patrols and exemplary service to the people, which in turn wins them the trust of the people and facilitates easy flow of information of wrongdoers.

The executive secretary of Gikomero, Gonzague Rwamucyo said that security is the responsibility of everyone.

He urged them to work with the residents to ensure that security is maintained and suspected criminals are reported to police.