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Gasabo opinion leaders tipped Security and Hygiene campaign
Published on 1-08-2016 - at 00:43' by Police

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has urged opinion leaders and residents of Gasabo District to advance Security and Hygiene in a bid to improve public welfare and advance development.

The call follows the six-month “Security and Hygiene” campaign which was laughed early July by RNP and City of Kigali with an aim of bringing various players on board to improve sanitation within the city and strengthen public safety.

The event held on July 29 brought together over 2000 opinion leaders, among them including members of Community Policing committees (CPCs), community health workers, representatives of faith-based organization, members of the private sector and head teachers operating in Gasabo District.

In his address to the opinion leaders, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) Inspector of Police (IP) Joseph Nzabonimpa informed them that, where there is no hygiene, security cannot be prevail since people aren’t healthy.

“A community that lacks hygiene is prone to diseases and the end result is that people are not at peace which creates insecurities. As opinion leaders, you should take a lead in ensuring that your neighbourhood is clean at all times,” he said.

The campaign which is conducted in line with keeping Kigali clean and safe for all will see best performers in set strategies awarded for their role in promoting hygiene and security in the city of Kigali.

“When it comes to improving the quality of life, security and hygiene are inseparable, that’s why we must stick to them at all times,” said the DCLO.

During the same meeting, the head of the sanitation department in Gasabo District, Vivine Tuyizere also urged opinion leaders to put much effort in encouraging people to improve hygiene in their homes.

“Sanitations starts with an individual in their home and to the community they leave in. if we use this approach, there is no doubt we will achieve a lot,” she said.

She also reminded them that security and hygiene are the source of development and that if the rate at which the City of Kigali is developing is to be maintained then there is need to work with all stakeholders in enhancing security and hygiene.

During the event, opinion leaders on partnership with residents of Remera Sector cleaned up trenches and painted walls by the road side in an effort to promote hygiene.



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