Gatsibo motorists pledge to enhance road safety

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 12 November 2016 saa 02:03
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Fifty three commercial motorcyclists operating in Rugarama sector of Gatsibo District under COTAMOGA cooperative have pledge to enhance their partnership in ensuring road safety.

They made the commitment during their meeting with Inspector of Police (IP) Janvier Renzaho, the officer in charge of traffic and road safety in the district on November 08.

During the meeting, IP Renzaho hailed commercial motorcyclists for their continued contribution and commitment to ensuring public safety and urged them particularly take a lead in fighting drug trafficking saying that most traffickers use commercial motorcycles to move illegal substances from one place to another.

“One way you can contribute to safety is being cautious and curious at all times. Know what your passenger is carrying and if it’s something illegal, you immediately notify the police,” said IP Renzaho.

He farther emphasized on abiding by traffic rules saying that; “Rwandans and Rwanda National Police are grateful of your services but you have to also ensure you do it in a professional manner- you should not betray the trust Rwandans have in you.”

Motorists were also tutored on human trafficking and its effects to the societies and their role in fighting and reporting human trafficking cases.

One of the motorists, Damascene Mbonankira, urged his collegues to not be tolerant to anyone who misbehaves or violates laws.

“How we conduct ourselves defines us and attracts clients, that’s why we should be at the best of our good behavior. We also commit to keep close to the police at all times and share information that would lead to bringing offenders to justice, said Mbonankira.