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Gatsibo: Motorists warned against facilitating drug traffickers
Published on 20-07-2016 - at 01:20' by Police

Police in Gatsibo District has cautioned commercial motorcyclists against transporting narcotic drugs or passengers trafficking drugs like cannabis and illicit gin including Kanyanga and Chief Waragi.

The District Police Commander Superintendent of Police (SP) Eric Kabera said that some commercial motorcyclists have a tendency of facilitating drug traffickers to transport their illicit substances.

He was reacting to some arrests made recently, one of them being that of Ali Niyomwungeri, who was arrested in Kabarore sector carrying scores of drugs on his motorcycle.

“We have spent years educating motorists about the danger of such illegal substance; we have reached out to all motorcyclists operating in the district and held several sensitization campaigns over and over again. No one should claim ignorance at all. The people we arrested already knew that they are committing a crime and must be aware of the consequences,” said SP Kabera.

Among the common drugs seized in the area include cannabis, locally made illicit brews, banned gins and liquors like Zebra waragi among others.

The DPC observed that most of the seized substances are smuggled into the country though porous borders while others come from the neighboring district of Gicumbi.

“Normally when someone is arrested, they are charged and sentence or even fined but during that time, that suspect’s family is struggling with survival because the provider opted for the illegal business.

In the interest of ensuring welfare of their families we advise commercial motorcyclists to refrain from such malpractices,” said SP Kabera.

He went on to detail effect of drugs and noted that as an institution charged with public safety, Rwanda National Police will stop at nothing in fighting drug trafficking and abuse.

In line with public awareness, Police in Gatsibo, on July 17, met with over 100 commercial motorcyclists organised in three cooperatives and sensitized them of their role in fighting and reporting any drug dealing.



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