Gen. Kabarebe urges Indangamirwa on upholding national values

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 15 June 2017 saa 10:51
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The Minister of Defense, Gen James Kabarebe has requested Rwandans studying abroad to strive for development of their mother country as they will need its support wherever they live.

He made the request yesterday as he officially launched a one month civic education bringing together Rwandan youth studying abroad ‘Indangamirwa’ held in Rwanda Defense Force’s Gabiro Combat Training Center in Gatsibo district, Eastern Province.

The 10th civic education brought together 523 students who attended previous nine sessions held since 2008.

Minister Kabarebe told the youth that current progress of Rwanda was attained through the contribution of youth at same age having devoted to fight the liberation struggle until they succeeded and stopped the 1994 genocide against Tutsi.

“The youth liberated the country from 1990 to 1994 and stopped genocide. This session of civic education is highly valued because it is meant to build the nation and realize its development. It is possible to attain it. That is why you need to concert your ideas together,” he said.

Gen Kabarebe urged Indangamirwa not to forget the native country though most of them live in foreign countries as they will need it anytime. He reminded them that foreign countries want to determine the destiny of other countries as they did in the past and called on the youth to be watchful and standby to realize their nation’s development.

“The president would not discharge a minister in the absence of foreigners will. That is what they did during the leadership of Habyarimana because they participated in the military, decision making and helped in preparation of genocide. They didn’t stop. As we build new young generation they will do it at your time. You will need your country regardless of completed university courses qualifying you for a job to Europe. However you live, it is a big loss to lose one’s native country,” he advised.

“You must be patriotic in whatever you do. You have to be keen on your country because it enabled you get abroad and work there,” he added.

He urged them to remain committed to their nation regardless of whatever temptation they may face.

The chairperson of National Itorero, Boniface Rucagu reminded Indangamirwa that their civic education is exceptional as it brings together previous trainees from nine sessions since 2008 with some students based in Rwanda.

He asked them to uphold national unity attained following divisionism spread by white people which lead to the 1994 genocide against Tutsi.

Mugabe Rodrigue, a student from the United States has said that he expects to acquire a lot from the civic education including local culture, moral values, and taboos o Rwandan culture to be shared with colleagues.

Participants of the civic education will also acquire military skills.

The civic education is expected to close on 12th July 2017.

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Gen Kabarebe urged Indangamirwa not to forget the native country
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Indangamirwa in a group photo with officials during the launch of 10th session of their civic education
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Rwandans studying abroad attending the 10th civic education
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The chairperson of National itorero, Boniface Rucagu and Defense Minister, Gen James Kabarebe.