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Genocide survivors’ dormant fund raises Gicumbi residents concern
Published on 25-07-2016 - at 04:26' by Théophile Niyitegeka

Gicumbi residents have expressed dismay over the allocation of funds raised to support vulnerable genocide survivors.

The complaints follow the collection of more than Rwf 100 million in the past two commemoration periods (2015-2016) years to renovate old houses of Gicumbi vulnerable genocide survivors an activity that has been kept in limbo to date.

“It is sad to note that houses of vulnerable genocide survivors remain dilapidated and not renovated. What is the importance of raising funds when they go un-utilised and survivors lives remain at risk?”, wondered Harerimana one of Gicumbi residents in Mutete sector.

“Residents are committed to supporting neighbours but the whole project is being jeopardized by local leaders ,” said another resident.

As Rwanda commemorated the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi for the 22nd time, Gicumbi district officials said that old houses of genocide survivors would have been renovated before the 100 commemoration day’s closure.

The mayor of Gicumbi district, Mudaheranwa Juvenal has said that the fund is kept in the bank awaiting for integrating with the budget.

“We have faced a challenge where guidelines of the Auditor General are different from usual process of spending. For instance the fund raised during 21st and 22nd commemoration periods have not yet been used since it requires to register the fund in the district budget and make sure it has managers who will be accountable. All these processes have been completed so we can now use the fund,” he said.

Mudaheranwa says that all houses of vulnerable genocide survivors will have been renovated before the next commemoration period.

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Gicumbi district headquarters



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