Geopoll to boost customer-service provider relationship in Rwanda

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On 21 May 2017 saa 03:00
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The media market is growing at high pace, yet media performance in various parts of is often under-researched, forcing brands and broadcasters to make decisions based on outdated information which may have adverse effects for companies that use media in advertisements and countries’ economy generally.

Geopoll has emerged to fight these problems through conducting strategic surveys.

Geopoll is among world’s largest mobile survey platform, which uses system of contacting interviewees on their mobile phones by sending SMSs or using their mobile webs and phone Apps where they conduct surveys for different companies in order to understand their customer’s preferences.

Nowadays, they are collecting audience writings for TV and Radio stations in Rwanda as well as in other 10 countries, though they are working with 33 countries in Africa generally.

Particularly “the platform is going to help Rwandan media to understand what the audience need on particular basis, using data collected from public, where they will be able to know which time a particular group of Audience is following the station, which will help them in their planning” Matt Angus-Hammond, The Business Development Lead, said.

There are a lot of expectations from media house where they believe to have clear picture of what clients really need so as to know which program needed and when.

“Due to demography differences, one station can be known for attracting certain group of Audiences than others and this will help us to know the area that needs improvement for it has been a challenge to know what audience prefers because we did not have clear audience-measuring tool.” Vuningoma Jean de Dieu, the Director of marketing and business development in RBA said.

He also said it will help those who advertise their activities to know where to find targeted audience.

Geopoll is also looking for talking to government in order to start conducting surveys which will help government to get more connected to its citizens so as to deliver better services.

So far this company has a network of 200 million people in Africa and Asia and it works with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit and governments to provide insights on everything from food security to brand preference.

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Geopoll in a meeting with stakeholders on Friday

By Ishimwe Daniel