Ghanaian judges in Rwanda for a study tour

On 30 November 2017 at 03:56

Chief Justice, Prof. Sam Rugege has Tuesday received judges from Ghana and explained to them how the use of ICT in Rwanda’s justice system has enabled quick and good service delivery.

The group of five judges led by the President of Commercial Court in Ghana, Jennifer Dodoo, is in a three-day visit to learn from Rwanda’s justice system and business sector development.

Prof. Rugege said the Ghanaians requested to come to study the secret that Rwanda uses to always dominate other countries in fast-tracking court cases and having fast-growing business industry.

“They requested to visit us so that they can learn from our services in commercial courts,” he said.

The recent World Business Doing Business report ranked Rwanda as the first African country that made different reforms in business in the past 15 years.

“They said that Ghana has declined in doing business, they want to learn from the secret behind Rwanda’s development in doing business and commercial cases hearing. We told them that ICT speeds up the job of courts and people get good services. That is why other countries come to learn from us,” Prof Rugege told the media.

Dodoo said that they chose to learn from Rwanda following the World Bank Doing Business Report which ranked Rwanda as the best African country in easing business.

“We were told that ICT is very crucial. When you introduce ICT in courts, you get transparence in justice delivery and reduce corruption and other malpractices,” said Dodoo.

Jeniffer Dodoo speaks to the media
Chief Justice Sam Rugege (R) chats with Jeniffer Dodoo
Rugege and Ghanaian delegates pose for a group photo