Gikondo industries relocation in offing

On 21 November 2017 at 09:09

The Minister of Trade and Industry (MINICOM), Vincent Munyeshyaka has said that the relocation of Gikondo wetland based industries will be done in a period of three years to pave way for establishment of an artificial lake, in line with the city master plan.

Munyeshyaka was speaking Monday during the celebration of Africa Industrialization Day in Kigali.

He said that 63 people still have properties yet to be relocated from the marshland, but explained that they will continue to relocate them to new industrial park at Masoro, Gasabo District.

“We are still discussing with 63 holders of properties. The budget for compensating and relocating them is available. We shall relocate them in a period of three years,” he said.

He said that some industries have already constructed new facilities in Masoro, but still have heavy machinery and equipment in Gikondo.

According to Munyeshyaka, the Kigali Special Economic Zone is well operating and the government is set to introduce different services like banks, restaurants, health facilities and lodging among others.

“The next phase is to work until we establish advanced services. We need places where investors could construct houses for workers. We need bank services and restaurants, among others, close to them,” he said.

The Government of Rwanda targets yearly growth of industry sector by 14% and earn the country 20% of the economy by 2020.

Among major actions towards achieving this target is investing much effort in promoting ‘Made in Rwanda’ products and allow investors’ opportunities to public tenders.

Rwanda will also continue to promote ICT in industries as well as easing investment through different incentives.

A view of Kigali Special Economic Zone
A view of Kigali Special Economic Zone
Munyeshyaka (C) and other officials tour Kigali Special Economic Zone