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Good Harvest School Rewards Best Pupils
Published on 28-01-2013 - at 01:20'

The "Good Harvest" Primary School yesterday rewarded best students that performed well during National exams.

The school ranked 3rd at the National Level.

“Good Harvest" Primary School is located in Kicukiro District of Kigali City.
All 27 students who participated in the exam passed, however,the best 5 were awarded with different prizes.

The School agreed to pay school fees for Tuyishime Nadine and provide her school materials in the whole next academic year.

The girl, Tuyishime ranked first both in Good Harvest School and Kigali City while on the National level she was the 8th.

Tuyishime said she was very happy to hear good news that she passed the exams with good marks.

The School has 280 students however, within the next academic year the school will increase the number of enrollment up to 500 students.



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