Governor Gatabazi calls for renewed commitment against GBV, drug abuse

On 4 January 2018 at 09:31

The Governor of the Northern Province, Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi has called upon residents of Musanze District to make personal and collective efforts to fight drug abuse and gender based violence by reporting dealers and affected families, respectively.

The Governor observed that cases of domestic assault, child abuse and school dropouts are associated with drug abuse or committed by people under the influence of illicit drugs.

He made the call, yesterday, while addressing hundreds of residents of Rwaza Sector shortly after a special communal exercise to construct 13 classrooms in Kabushinge Cell.

Police officers, headed by the District Police Commander of Musanze, Supt. Aphrodis Gashumba as well as other security organs, took part in Umuganda to construct classrooms.

“We are here today in a volunteer work to construct enough classrooms for the children, but we need also to think and work together against all obstacles that these young ones might face in their search for education and better future, one of them being illicit drugs, which have driven others out of school,” Governor Gatabazi said.

He also hinted on administered self-justice, which also amounts to crime, as well as domestic conflicts and gender based violence, which he said, partly divide families and drive children out of their homes and ultimately engaging in abusing and selling narcotic drugs, and theft.

“If you know any household experiencing conflicts or a woman terrified to report injustices she’s facing, break silence and report to the police. You also need to make good use of Umugoroba w’ababyeyi to discuss community security and development issues, and open up to thinks that affect your wellbeing,” the Governor said.

Umugoroba w’Ababyeyi, loosely translated as ‘evening of parents’ is a customary social coercion gathering that happens every Thursday in all the 14 837 villages across the country, where men and women come together to deliberate on various community issues related to security and socio-economic and cultural issues.

Supt. Gashumba commended the residents for their partnership in community policing, and called for strengthened collaboration and information sharing on anything illegal or criminal, especially drug dealers, gender based violence, child abuse and corruption.