Governor Musabyimana calls for strengthened patrol

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On 8 April 2017 saa 01:16
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The Governor of Northern Province, Jean Claude Musabyimana has called upon residents of Gatebe and Bungwe sectors of Burera District to join efforts in all community policing activities to effectively deal with crimes that still exist in the area.

He made the remarks during a security meeting held on April 6 and attracted over 800 residents.

It was also attended by the Northern Region Police Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Bertin Mutezintare along with other local leaders.

The governor urged residents to enhance their partnership with police and other security organs in ensuring that their communities are crime-free.

“Rwanda’s progress is built on its security... that’s why maintaining law and order is a collective responsibility of every responsible citizen,” the Governor said.

He challenged them to reinforce community night patrols (irondo) and be the eyes and ears of security organs to make it hard for criminals to penetrate of use their communities as transit routes especially drug dealers.

“If you fully take part in community policing activities, it will be easier to identify criminals like drug dealers and bring them to justice. This way, we can wipe out anything that can hinder our security making the country’s rate of development move even faster,” he said.

Burera is among the districts where especially illicit gins are still high and also used as one of the major routes into the country through porous borders.

Thus, locals have since formed anti-illicit gin clubs to support the police efforts to break chains of supply.

He appealed to them to refrain from domestic conflicts, and always seek the help of Police, mediators or even leaders to handle and resolve their grievances instead of taking matters in their hands, which also labels them “criminals.”

In his part, ACP Mutezintare, who commended the residents for their efforts especially against drugs, also appealed to residents to strengthen community night patrols and always hurry to report any information on unlawful acts to Police for a quick response.

He warned those involved in trafficking, selling and abusing narcotic drugs.

“The only way you can avoid being arrested is by keeping away from crime and reporting to police those who are involved or consuming them. If you do that, you are contributing enormously to the welfare of your neighbours and the development of our country,” said the RPC.

In breaking down the dangers of narcotics, the Police Commander said; “There is a connection in most crimes to drug abuse. Theft, family conflicts, gender based violence, child abuse, fighting and school drop outs; all these are in most cases committed by people under the influence of drugs.”

He called for concerted efforts and information exchange with the police to arrest the dealers.

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The Governor of Northern Province, Jean Claude Musabyimana