Governor Musabyimana urges transporters on security

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On 23 February 2017 saa 12:11
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The Governor of the Northern Province, Jean Claude Musabyimana has urged public transporters in the region to fully participate in the country’s security and development activities.

While addressing about 600 commercial motorcyclists and cyclists operating in Gicumbi District on Tuesday, the Governor noted that as they conduct their businesses, security should be part and parcel of their responsibilities.

“Transportation is one of the sectors on the countries development agenda but it should equally be a source of information on anyone that would want to draw a hitch in the course of development and people’s social wellbeing,” Governor Musabyimana said.

The meeting held in Byumba was also attended by the Regional Police Commander (RPC), Assistant Inspector of Police (ACP) Bertin Mutezintare, Brig. Gen. Eugène Nkubito, local leaders at all levels in the district, and members of the District Administrative Security Organ (DASSO).

The meeting came at a time when Gicumbi is fully engaged in awareness campaigns and operations especially against illicit gin in the most prone district.

Commercial motorcyclists and cyclists, are therefore, viewed as either facilitators in the trafficking of the substances, or dealers as well.

On Wednesday, for example, illicit drugs valued at over Rwf12. 7 million were seized in the Gicumbi in less than two months, were destroyed.

In August last year, illicit drugs worth Rwf17 million were destroyed in Gicumbi. Later in November, other drugs worth Rwf21 million seized in three-month police operations were also destroyed.

Currently, residents, as part of their support in the campaign to break the chain of supply, they have formed an anti-kanyanga group in at least 17 of the 21 sectors, which have been significant in identifying and reporting the dealers and routes used.

ACP Mutezintare, however, commended some motorcyclists and cyclists who have exhibited will and ability in fighting illicit gin and reporting those involved.

Meanwhile, the Governor also met and addressed residents in Gicumbi on various issues related t security and development.

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The Governor of the Northern Province, Jean Claude Musabyimana.