Govt denies Mugesera critical health reports

On 5 December 2017 at 02:57

The Rwanda Correctional Services (RCS) has denied information saying that genocide convict, serving time in Nyanza Prison, Southern Province, Dr Léon Mugesera’s health condition is in bad shape as reported in some parts of the media.

According to La Presse, a Canadian media house, Mugesera’s wife, Gemma Uwamariya based in Québec Canada told them that his husband’s life is in bad condition in prison and that he was denied to meet his doctor in the past one and a half years.

La Presse said that on 27th November 2017, Mugesera sent a handwritten letter to his lawyer, Jean-Félix Rudakemwa saying that he was unable to speak.

In the letter, Mugesera requested his lawyer to postpone their meeting that was scheduled for 30th November saying that ‘No need to call me on phone because I can no longer talk.”

Through Twitter handle, RCS rejected all information saying that Mugesera’s health is well and is treated like all other inmates.

“This information is unfounded. Mugesera’s health is well taken care of like other prisoners. Right now he is in good health. The RCS is in charge. It’s not true that his lawyer has been denied access to him,” reads the Tweet.

Speaking to IGIHE, RCS spokesperson, CIP Hilary Sengabo said that Mugesera is held in the international inmates’ segment with a private room that has hot and cold water, washroom, bed net and a comfortable space.

He said that Mugesera is allowed to go to pray, sports and to court when he needs. He added that he is free to choose his meals including chicken and fish. He has access to different TV stations as he’s given free DSTv bouquet and has access to his family.