Govt ups child protection efforts

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On 15 October 2016 saa 06:50
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The Minister of Gender and Family promotion (MIGEPROF), Esperance Nyirasafari, has advised parents to be committed to responsible upbringing of their children and produce children they are capable of supporting other than neglecting them and end up on streets.

In a press briefing held yesterday, Nyirasafari said that some parents are absconding from their duties and responsibilities, leading to children dropping out of school and eventually becoming societal burdens, engaging in drugs abuse and premature pregnancies, putting the country’s future in jeopardy.

“A child must grow up in a family. A parent should not let a child grow on the street. A parent should be accountable for children and up-bring them appropriately,” said Nyirasafari.

She explained that the ministry has organized a countrywide mobilization to awaken parents to squarely take on their responsibilities from 15th October to 25th November, 2016.

The mobilization is organized under the theme ‘Let’s make a family suitable for children’ encouraging parents to take good care of their children education and mobilize women on their participation in development activities.

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The Minister of Gender and Family promotion (MIGEPROF), Esperance Nyirasafari