High Court upholds Mwitende jail term over Rwf 430m fraud

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On 21 July 2017 saa 04:34
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The High Court has upheld a Gasabo Intermediate Court sentence against the proprietor of Top Service Ltd, Mwitende Ladislas whose company used to supply fertilizers in the Northern Province and Eastern Province, was found guilty of misappropriating over Rwf 430 million.

Mwitende was sentenced to serve a 7-year jail term on top of paying back a fine of more than Rwf 430 million to the Government.

The High Court said that Mwitende pleaded guilty of demanding extra money which was not worth the fertilizers he had supplied to farmers.

He is accused of using forged documents and falsely demanding over 454million from the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources.

Mwitende had appealed the Gasabo intermediate court seven-year sentence to the High Court, saying that the sentence wasn’t fair and just, attributing his woes to envy from rival businessmen.

After court deliberations, the High Court judge yesterday ordered upheld the prior sentence, rendered toMwitende by intermediate court and ordered him to pay back the money including a 8% interest.

Mwitende was arrested on 3rd May 2016.