Housekeeper reports employer to police over counterfeit money

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 2 April 2017 saa 10:39
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A housekeeper in Kamonyi District, Friday, braved about 15 kilometres from Ngamba Sector to the District Police Unit (DPU) headquarters to report his employer, for allegedly circulating counterfeit money, a community policing act that has been lauded by Rwanda National Police (RNP) as “brave and extraordinary.”

Alex Nyamukubita arrived at the DPU at about 4pm where he handed over Rwf200, 000, all fake, to police and reported that it had been given to him by his employer identified as Fidele Nshimiyimana, to sell it.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Andre Hakizimana, the police spokesperson for the Southern region, said that the police “immediately recorded the case and investigations.”

“The boy told the police that his employer had other fake currency notes at home, and requested to lead them to the house, where officers also recovered other Rwf100, 000 from Nshimiyimana, who was immediately taken into custody over the crime,” said CIP Hakizimana.

Meanwhile, Nshimiyimana, who confessed to the act and using his housekeeper to circulate the fake monies, has since told the police that he had bought the fake notes from someone in Nyacyonga in Gasabo District at Rwf100, 000, genuine money.

“We are still investigating and to get to the bottom of the case…the origin of these counterfeit currencies and all those people involved ensuring that they face the wrath of the law,” said the spokesperson.

He commended the housekeeper for the “brave and exemplary” act and appealed to the general public to follow suit to fight such economic crimes which are side to be of high impact on the economy.

“This is someone, who earns little money doing domestic chores. He could have decided to keep quiet and accepted the share his employer had promised him after accomplishing the illegal act; but he didn’t because he understood his duty as a responsible Rwandan. He set a precedent that everyone should emulate in fighting and preventing crimes wherever you live or walk,” said CIP Hakizimana.

Article 601 of the penal code, specifies a prison sentence of between five and seven years to anyone convicted of fraudulently counterfeiting, falsifying or altering coins, which are legal tender.