Kenya:Houses torched in fresh Kisii-Narok clashes

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On 14 October 2016 saa 03:25
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Several houses have been torched following fresh clashes at Olmelil, along the Kisii-Narok border.

One person suspected to have been involved in the burning of houses was arrested and is being held at Ramasha Police Station.

Olmelil Location Chief Mr Richard Korgoren said arsonists stormed his neighbourhood at around 10:00 pm Thursday and torched his neighbour’s house.

“I was asleep and suddenly heard people screaming. When I came out, I saw my neighbour’s house on fire,” he said.

Youths from both the Kipsigis and Kisii communities started fighting but police who had responded to distress calls stepped in to stop the fight.

Ikorongo Location chief Mr Francis Omidi said two houses were torched on the Kisii side.

A Google Earth image shows the location of Olmelil, along the Kisii-Narok border. Several houses have been torched following fresh clashes at Olmelil, October 13, 2016.

"A big group of armed youths from the other side stormed Ikorongo village and started torching houses,” he said.

General Service Unit officers from Njipship camp, regular and Administration Police officers from Ramasha Police Station managed to disperse the warring youths after firing gunshots in the air.

“Gun shots rent the air for the better part of the night,” said a resident, Christopher Mogaka.

The area has been a flashpoint for conflict between the two communities living along the common border.

The two communities have been engaging in retaliatory attacks for the past five months citing a border conflict and cattle-rustling issues.

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One of the houses torched at Olmelil area along the Kisii-Narok border after fresh clashes broke out on Thursday night.