How a Ruhango village leader forced father into cheaply selling his land in compensation of nine cassava tubers

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On 24 August 2016 saa 01:31
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Village Leaders of Gatare village, Mwendo cell of Mbuye sector in Ruhango district are accused of selling the land of Sinzibiramuka Eduard, to rescue his child who allegedly stole cassava from neighbourhood.

The decision of selling the land was triggered by Gatare village leader on Saturday 20th August 2016, when Sinzibiramuka failed to raise money for rescuing his 12-year child.

A resident of Gatare village who talked to IGIHE on condition of anonymity has said that Nshimyumukiza Protogene, Gatare village leader and the owner of cassava farm beat Sinzibiramuka, the father whose child stole nine pieces of cassava and tricked him into selling his land for compensation.

“After the theft, the garden owner and the village leader went to Sinzibiramuka’s home, started beating him and threatened to jail him. They took him with them along which forced him to agree to sell his land to compensate cassava owner,” he said.

It is said that Sinzibiramuka had declined to his land even at Rwf 400,000, but was duped into selling it a paltry Rwf 120,000 after being intimidated with a jail sentence.

The executive secretary of Mwendo cell, Gahamanyi Emmanuel has confirmed that Rwf Sinzibiramuka was tricked and returned home almost empty pocket after selling the land for Rwf 120,000.

“It is true that his land was sold but he was tricked by the village leader who asked him to sell the land without even handing the case to community mediators,” he said.
“It seems as if the village leader and the cassava garden owner took all the money. The garden owner was givenRwf 80,000 and Rwf 20,000 was given to Sinzibiramuka. The remaining Rwf 20,000 was spent on drinks among witnesses,” he added.

After hearing the news, the executive secretary of Mbuye sector, Jean Paul Byiringiro has said that law will be followed to ensure Sinzibiramuka recovers his land as soon as possible.

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Sinzibiramuka holding stolen cassava