How Manzi continues to excel in national exams

On 10 January 2018 at 10:56

Best performer in 2017 O’Level national examinations, Joslyn Karenzi Manzi was also the second best performer in 2014 Primary leaving examinations.

He was until last year a student at Kigali Parents School in Gasabo District, the City of Kigali.

Manzi, 15, has championed the national examinations twice and plans to do it again at the next level.

Speaking to IGIHE yesterday shortly after the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) released results of 2017 O’Level and Primary leaving examinations, Manzi could not hide his excitements.

“I and my family are extremely happy. I was the second nationwide in primary leaving examinations. I was happy and got more determined to work harder which has now resulted into sitting atop today,” expressed Manzi.

In his high school studies, Manzi has been studying on school’s scholarship due to his unwavering performance in class since he started primary school.

Secret behind success

According to Manzi, teachers and parents’ guidance helps him perform well in all his studies.

He said that being organised and reading many books with target to learn foreign languages, doing sports and good time management helped him excel.

“Parents have been collaborating with teachers to help me. Teachers also gave me their attention as a student who wanted to be the best performer. My values are good time management, good plans and championing to always be the best performer. Those things quite help me,” he said.

After being awarded by the school to study the whole O’Level free of charge, Manzi opted to work hard so that he would be the best performer at the national level.

Kigali Parents School head teacher, Charles Mutazihara told IGIHE that Manzi exhibited good performance since primary school, the reasonthey were optimistic that he would champion the O’Level leaving national examinations.

Desire to become engineer

“I wish to be a civil engineer. I will keep heeding parents and teachers’ guidance and I hope that I will make it,” Manzi said.

He always takes home over 90% marks in all subjects but particularly scores above 98% in Mathematics, Biology and English.

Manzi’s mother, Clementine Mukarutabana told IGIHE that his son never gets tired when working on his targets.

“At school, they nicknamed him Van Damme, (a movie star), because he strives to perform well in everything,” she said.

“He is determined, he awakes early in the morning, he has good schedule and he can’t get in bed before completing all his tasks,” she added.

Manzi emerged the best performer and was followed by Audrey Umurerwa from Mary Hills in Nyagatare District.

In Primary, Frank Mugisha from Saint André- Ruhina in Shyogwe Sector of Muhanga District emerged the bestand was followed by Schadrack Sifayake from Morning Star Bright Academy in Gatsibo District.

A total of 237,181 students sat for primary leaving examinations in 2017 while 98, 268 students sat for ordinary level examinations.

Primary schools’ results show the success rate stands at 86.3% while lower secondary schools (O’Level) succeeded at 89.9%.

Manzi in home library
Manzi and his mother
Karenzi always spends time reading