How to get a fitter, leaner body fast

On 18 October 2017 at 01:15

“I just don’t have the time” tops the list for reasons why we don’t exercise. But you don’t need to spend many hours a day running or lifting weights to achieve a fitter physique. Some of the busiest, yet fittest people exercise for 60 minutes or less a day. Studies show that brief, but intense cardio can boost your metabolism and burn far more calories in a shorter period of time compared to long, but slow cardio sessions.

People may exercise for a variety of purposes such as toning or losing weight. But whatever the reason, one can usually see results within three months if one exercises regularly and follows nutritional instructions.

The Huffington Post reports that it only takes consistent exercise at a high intensity to see significant results in a short period of time.

However, regular exercise means more than just visiting the gym; it requires combining different types of workouts in order to break routine and avoid plateauing, according to Elina Bamulanje, an experienced spa services professional and Recreation Supervisor at Kigali Marriott Hotel.

Bamulanje says the Kigali Marriott explored the need for improving workout sessions and introduced fitness classes so that those striving for fitness can have a range of options beyond gym machines.

“Some people can get discouraged and bored if they don’t change up their workouts. To combat this, we designed these classes to help our customers break their routines and shake up their fitness regimen. Classes give guests the chance to experience new, fun ways to get in shape,” she says.

She adds that exercise can not only be fun, but also provides a number of health benefits including increased strength, greater flexibility, a re-energised body and more.

From Tuesday to Friday, there are three different classes: Outdoor Fitness, Aqua Aerobics and Vigor. Guests can pick their favourite class and participate in instructed sessions from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

While guests can join classes on an ad hoc basis, Bamulanje encourages fitness lovers to enrol in a Saray Spa gym membership which features access to all fitness classes as well as deep discounts on other hotel services. Discounts include 20% off food and beverage, 10% off spa services, and 10% off guest rooms.

A Saray Spa fitness trainer demonstrates how to use an upper body gym machine
Kigali Marriott has various weights
Gym machines are important to getting one fit but various other phyical exercises are needed to break the routine
Kigali Marriott's gym is well equipped and the hotel introduces fitness classes to avoid sports sports routines with machines